MERCAN YACHTING is a professional yacht manufacturing company which have all the necessary design and manufacturing background for realization of your dream. In 1988, our company under its own brand models, 1500m ² closed, 1500 m² open area in the production area board at 3 meters and 14 meters excursion boats, passenger boats, fishing boats, dive boats and private production boats with Recreational Craft, or Class standards and without compromising the quality manufactures. Each boat in its own office in the engineering, design and engineering stages, through production line is put.
Each boat carries the name of Mercan, elegant and innovative vision of Turkey with thin lines next to boat manufacturers, Mercan Yachting reaches the ultimate quality of exhibits and fastidiousness. Mercan name under the superior design, unparalleled craftsmanship and the perfect harmony with the concept of standardized high quality, is a manufacturing power.
Performance and production lines, the design combines eye-catching Mercan Yachting, each consisting of experts in the field of technical staff and experienced managers, is continuing to make progress in the innovative field of yachting.
Mercan Yachting values customer satisfaction above all by adopting high quality and fully planned organization as fundamental principles.